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2023-2024 Member Ministry Application

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Ministry Application


To ensure your privacy, ministry application information is kept confidential.  Also, be advised that all applications will go through a thorough background check, which could include a criminal check as well as fingerprinting.

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Full legal name (including middle name if applicable): 

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Please list any other names you have used and the dates if any were legally changed and type n/a if not applicable:

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Birth Date:

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Social Security #: 

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Drivers License number and state it was issued: 

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Home Phone:

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Work/Cell Phone:

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Email Address:

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Marital Status:

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Have you ever been accused or arrested for anything other than a traffic violation? 

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If yes, please explain or n/a if not applicable.

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What church do you attend?

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How long have you attended your church?

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Are you able to provide a pastoral reference letter should one be required?

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Please provide the name and contact information of someone in your life for a personal reference, who would be willing to speak briefly to one of the AFW leaders on your behalf.